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About Of USU Library?

     About Of USU Library?     Welcome to the  USU Library  (Utah State University). As a regional campus or distance education student. You have access to all the same library resources that students have in Logan. Today I will introduce you to some of these great resources. As  USU Library  students – You will likely be assigned research assignments where you must find articles. As you might have found by searching for articles on Google. many journal and magazine articles are not freely available online. However, the library has a large collection of journals and articles. That you can access online through our library databases. All you need to do to access these sources is to log into the  USU library  website with your A-number and banner password. Once you’ve logged in you can view articles from anywhere. You have an internet connection. . USU Library If you need an article that is not available in full-text online. You can request it through inter-library loan and we can email